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Oct 16, 2005



Dear Stephanie,
Thanks for asking about us, we really appreciate it, My Name is (Tony) and I'm 16 years old, I study at Baghdad College High School, by the way I'm (SAM)'s friend-the guy who writes to Ian in this forum-, well, I C that U've asked about our new government, well, this government is the worst government I've ever seen, it's been 9 months since this what it should be a DEMOCRATIC GOVERNEMENT have formed and nothing good happened to my country, day by day things are getting worst here and ppl are continuously dying coz of the lack of security and peace, 9 months and the electricity didn't get any better, actually it's worst than the last year, can u imagine urself having only 4 or 5 hours of electricity during the whole day ? how can we study ? how can we watch Tv or do other life activities ?
(Fun) is a word that I think I'm going to forget it if the situation here still the same, I have haven't had fun since the war has ended , well even before the war, We don't have here dream parks, Cinemas, theaters, malls and things like that , we have absolutely nothing.
That's Y me and my friend (Sam) listen to music, we listen to music to try to forget everything that happened in our lives, we have seen only few good things in this life and we have seen a lot of sad/heartbreaking things, God Helps Us All..
Sorry for writing to much, thanks again for askin….

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