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Sep 10, 2007


tom olds

Dear Neighbor,

I stumbled on to this web site because that what the internet does. It sometimes takes you to where you least expect it. But I am drawn to your story because I can't comprehend the struggle you suffer with everyday. Every hour for that matter. Similar to when you were ruled by the iron fist of Suddam Hussein we are ruled by the velvet glove of the "Bushmen" as you call them. Propoganda convinces a gullible and un-curious public to follow in lockstep with this tragic endeavor, never to question the results of such misguided policies. Sadly, we never hear of stories like yours in the mainstream press. Most Americans are disconnected from the reality that you speak of. I believe when we're at war it's our responsibility as a citizenry to stay informed and be vigilant of potential abuses of power by our government. If the majority of Americans knew your story and could put it in the context of their lives I know we would've seen pressure to pull out by now. But regretably we don't get your stories unless we stumble upon them on a website like this. I can't begin to speculate what an American troop withdrawl would leave you with. I suspect it would not be good. But it seems that solutions (if there are truly any) must come from within. Not from an occupying force. On our end we have been sold such an enormous bag full of fear that most Americans are willing to "trust" the President even though they're skeptical of him. A public that has little vested in a war we hear little about is unlikely to put pressure on our Representatives to do something about it! I feel for you. I pray for us all! We have brought this on you and if we suffered like you, this would've ended a long time ago. We are in the minority, but we are inspired by your courage! I can only speak for myself but I know I am not alone; as a citizen of this country I will do al I can to end the misery in yours! Be and stay safe!

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