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Jan 01, 2003


Encou Ephrem

Hello Benita,

I happen to run across your desire to make a documentary about children"s experiences. I have two children one was at PS234 and the other at IS89 across the highway. Both kids have seen it all. They will be more than willing to share there experience with you. They are now 18 & 19 years old teenagers... Everyday is another obstacle that I have to cross due to the affect of 9/11. .We would be delighted to share our stories with you. Contact me so that we could discuss it further.



I am making a documentary about childrens experiences of 911. If you know anyone who was at PS 234 who might talk to me about their experiences please let me know. It will be an intelligent and important film documenting this tragedy from the perspective of children who suffered.

With thanks


sade(ms.onopa class 9th grade student from america)

i read some of your letters and how ya'll feel about wat happened and i feel wat eva ya'll are going through and for the most that lilltle gurl marwa im sorry for her parents and wat they going through and i feel the pain i hope ya'll find her and i hope she'z safe and come home o.k.

bye, farewell to you my friends

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