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Jul 16, 2006



Dear Pvt. Scheren,
We have read your comment to the blog. We respect your courage in speaking so honestly about your feelings.

We do understand the need for armies in modern states. We do understand the bravery of those who serve. We do know that most soldiers, in fact almost all, are honorable people giving a valuable service to our nation. We also know that like any other group the military has some weak, immoral people within the ranks.

Your service is not tarnished in our minds. We can separate the good from the bad. Thank you for your prayers and wishes. We hope that all Americans can see through the scandals that the newspapers love to print and understand that almost all of the men and women who serve are like you: honest, brave, and guided by honor.

Bruce and Nesreen (the teacher from Baghdad who is visiting for the summer).

I don’t know if you know this, but Marwa, who bravely wrote of the raped and murdered girl, was kidnapped. This was reported to us in October of 2006. We have not had any news of her since then.

pvt. scheren

Dear Marwa,

I feel so dishonored for what those discusting escuses for human beings did to that girl. I my self was once a soldier practilcly born and bread as one, due to my father also being a soldier against hitler in ww2. I can asure you that this is not the way we are trained nor this does not represent the way of thinking or acting of a true american soldier. A true soldier is willing to give his blood, body and life for some one in danger. A true soldier also values honor above all and should not even think of commiting the atrocities they did to that child and her family. If his friends had any decency they would and should die protecting them from him, I would have. Please do not think this is the way of all of our soldiers we love and value life even tho we have to fight as any other soldier from any other country would to ensure the safety of others. Honor and discipline above all is a soldiers way and should be taken to heart. I feel resposible for what happend to that child as i was a soldier also and I for one would like to see justice served to those criminals. My deepest apologies and sympathy go to you and every one else that has been affected by this. I pray every single day that this war ends soon and that every one can live as we are intended to in peace and love for one another, not this i never wanted to give my life for this horrid act.


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