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Oct 10, 2006



hi,samra im am vrey sorry about what happend to your friend,i know taht the people in amreica think that the people in iraq are bad but when u think about it the people in america are just as bad becaue of the thihgs that they did to your friend..... just keep your head up stay strong keep praying i will also pray for you your frineds and family

nae nae

thats real sad if something eva happened to my best friend like that then i would cry for her just like now i am crying for you and for your friend because i don't want anything to happen to my friiend like that. hope she tuns up ok and well with all her body parts.


Dear friend.
im deeply sorry that you are dealing with this loss. I believe God will bring back Marwa safely.I havn t lossed anyone so i cannot imagine how you are feeling but i am very sorrry. I will keep you in my prayers forever n ever.This is so tragic ,who would do somthing so horrible and ungodly.
I have a feeling things will get better for you. I promise not all americans are evil.My family is mixed with so many different cultures and i would never judge somone because of things they had no control over. again im greatly sorry. I will send all my blessings your way. God bless you and Marwas family.

Francesca Alcena

After I read this I cried, literally cried. I hope the best for Marwa. God will bless her. I will pray for her and her family. Don't give up hope. Just wish for the best! God bless.


thats vare vare vare sad it made me cry i hope that marwa she is ok my little bro wos kidnapped iv been wateing and wateing but i think he well never come home i mess hem so much my mom n dad cry n cry i do to iv been hopeing just hopeing that god well take him back to me iv been crying my self to sleep i am vare sad for the 2 of them that poor gerl must be scard and my bro must be scard i am a boy 18 my little bro 10

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