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Dec 05, 2006


Bruce Wallace

I am posting this for a friend.

Dear Bruce,
I have little more to say to your friends in Baghdad than "keep safe." And that's pitifully little. Yet I mean it.

The helpless are the victims always. When the monster is out of the bottle, that's all you can say. Poor Nesreen doesn't know whether it's better for the Americans to stay or go. It is so out of hand that anything may be the right thing. Religion may not be the cause of all this but it certainly is an instrument easily exploited by the power-driven. I'll quote the physicist, Jacob Wiesberg: "With or without religion good people can behave well and bad people can do evil, but for good people to do evil, that takes religion." What we have is the dark side of belief, religion turned on its head -- and hardly for the first time.

America's part in all this has been so criminally maladroit that I will be forever ashamed to travel abroad, something I love to do. This is the sort of ghastly episode for which the term "forgive me" was coined. And yet who can expect that?

And peace to you friend,

Bruce Wallace

I am posting this for a friend.

Heartbreaking, horrifying and seemingly hopeless. Can you even imagine living
under such circumstances? Sometimes I try to imagine Gramercy Park under siege...several 1000 people...foodless, waterless, even cigaretteless;
utterly resourseless, huddled in their apartments in mortal fear of the next
sound. And, then I try to imagine it all over the city. My mind doesn't stretch that far and the anxiety knot in my chest becomes unbearable. I escape the thoughts with inanities like TV, a book, cooking something...any useless activity. But,
worst of all, I try not to think about it.

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