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Aug 08, 2008



I guess the 'sad' part is from the fact that the U.S. made all this madness possible.
We chose a violent solution and now watch the violent result.
We are directly responsible for the destabilization that has caused so much pain and loss to so many.
It will take generations to rebuild Iraq, and generations for the Iraqis to stop hating us.


Gertie (my mom's name!-)
I hear you. In this case I knew the man and others that I trust did also.

In the case of the woman (posted after this, above) I know very little and that is why I am also a bit leary.

But to tell the truth, it's not a far-fetched story. The military admitted using such boxes in yesterday's news. CNN ran a story on it.

Thanks for your comments, and please continue to pay attention. I wish more of us did!


I am not certain what country you live in but here in the US we heard about the boxes thing practically from the first days of the US being in Iraq. Frankly, compared to some stuff we saw the Iraqi doing to their own, such as beating and killing a woman for speaking to a man not her husband...because she couldn't see with that dang blue thing on her head and was trying to get around..... Well, it makes one wonder how they think we should be sad for this, if it even did occur. After all, you did say "make believe".

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