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Jan 06, 2013


Talat Hamdani

Here is what I would say to the young muslim if he came to me:

Have you read the Quran? Do you know what the Quran says about Jihad?
The Quran advocates to raise arms in self defense only. Have you been personally physically attacked by the West? The answer here will be no.
Is your land attacked by the West? If the answer is yes, like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan n Pakistan , my response would be let the army handle it. You focus on your life. As for going out to a private enlisting with the mujaheddin , it is not recommended in the Quran. Ask this person who is trying to recruit you whether his kids are enlisted.
Tell this recruiter to leave you alone.
I would tell this young person to show the world the real face of Islam which is peace.
Make the young person aware of the fact that the recruiter is not looking out for you. He/she is getting paid by some one to get young recruits like you so he may get rich. If that were not the case, this recruiter would not be here recruiting people.

I would tell this young person this recruiter is trying to brain wash you and sell your services of life to an organization Al-Qaida who is at war with the west ideologically. They are out to destroy the image of Islam & all for their selfish agenda: Money & Power.

If you want to enlist , join the military of your country. Serve your country and faith nobly, not like a terrorist.

Hope this works because the impressionable kids can be made to see sense.


Use non-violent means to fight...rule of law and civilization. What do YOU say Bruce?


What do I say? Read more; read the Qu'ran, read the New York Times. Watch Al Jazeera. Get to know some westerners; then decide if you really want to kill them.


I agree with some points but violence ia not the answer.


I disagree with Robins conclusion but agree with her answer. Critical thinking is the most important trait an individual can have with regards to politics and peace. Kids are known to always keep asking "why?" and that should continue throughout their adulthood. "The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." Thomas Jefferson


Good question--hard answer. I'll try. Anytime anyone blames someone for what someone else does, they do evil. "Can't we see the lies both side's people are told, we cannot keep believing Nobody knows what might be done in their name, no one controls their leaders."


Simple, Bruce. We've got to:

1) End all our hostilities in the middle east.

2) Treat our own Muslims in the U.S. with consideration. They are patriotic, well-educated (70% have four years of college, compared with the average or 34%), are politically active and are good citizens.

We have to show support for them.

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